of hospitals

by children eating birds

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(eleven point three: all blood swallowed goes north)
fall asleep with littlewhitelies bury them in my bed. say: it's ok because everybody's looking (yeah everybody does it) peel away the bedsweat get down on yr knees take one tablet (7.5mg) at bedtime daily
your arms are the length of the river(ican'tswimthelengthoftheriver) my ordinary mouth tries to make sound (all the great lakes in my belly not a song to sing)
and what dog you! you walk from my spit(how dare you) we hang from the trees like we bark for the leaves to strip from this mouth, i have found the curtains to make this room good to make this life better and good let's go and fill our faces with blood and sore backs my campfire body we blaze our orifices with train wrecks only and sleep our nights as bearded ladies there are peels in the place i have saved you your insects from your sleeping the bed through and it takes only tears of the flesh fruit you are buzzed from the bleach of the bedroom (you can eat all my skin, if you want to)
(a time for rest)
we were built to scare (the birds away) (the shit out of you) what did you say i'm made of (is that what they're calling skin now)
there's nowhere to put any faith under these white blankets sometimes i walk around with a ghost i have no idea where his body goes and we're waiting limp on lawns for lungs and your language lost is gone and gone round about the wrecks for rails i found you sleeping in the corn field and your mother sings again the snow sometimes she walks around with a ghost (blood we call it now fills up the mattress) what did i tell you about leaving the bathroom light on
welding weather being bones i've got shelter please, come home (all this wood no one to fill it) burn down the churches (i have your secrets __ believe me you can't __________________ keep anything from me) you must be patient believe in nothing it is so much easier
protect them your lungs for! for? for! sing, sing we all have words! words? words! your house is made of wood, wood we slide the forest with with paper! paper? paper! you are all the sand i am waiting for.
(turn down the furnace) no one notices the bark between doorways(the skin peeled between) rooms we sleep sound in but do we sleep sound when we make no sound in who: in the garden? perform yr violence let's get it done with(by blood, ____________________________ do you mean mine)
wander halls of hospitals & birthday! birthday! don't give water don't get wood for we bring lakes to bodies of water i have made this shelter i don't mind (no really i don't mind at all it's not a problem) wooden bells: ring (i_______ don't_______ mind_______) seatbelt right & birthday! birthday! you say don't cause flood bring what you dreamt i am not yours and i don't mind (i already pulled out all my own hair there is nothing left to do)


a collaboration of sounds sent back and forth between 2006-2008 during bouts of manic episodes, hospitalizations, panic attacks, sleep studies, and night sweats.

this was never really finished.

all music and some singing by lowell sostomi.
all lyrics and most singing by jordaan mason.


released December 19, 2008

all music by lowell sostomi. lyrics/singing by jordaan mason.


all rights reserved



children eating birds Toronto, Ontario

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